Wednesday, December 12, 2007

let's dance to joy division

(and celebrate the irony, everything has all gone wrong, and we're so happy)

well, that made sense at the time, so we'll just leave it there and hopefully the broken clock will do its thing and be right again, as it always does...

the calendar year closes, the enterprise goes on hiatus, and the mail is forwarded. good times and hard times to be remembered and celebrated, heads to shake in wonder as how we possibly made it thru such things, and controls to be set to cruise so we can drive with one finger

when we return, we'll start something new, thanks to our friends at SOLV. They want us to start working on steep slopes, removing invasives without also falling into the river, Willamette or otherwise.

So, guess what we got to do, even tho - as we discovered - we're all scared of heights:

Many thanks to Kenny and the other good folks at the Portland Rock Gym for their time and instruction, and to SOLV for footing the bill.

(There were pictures of me doing this stuff too, but they were mysteriously deleted)

We'll see on the other side. Best wishes to you and all you care about.