Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Prince of Turbulence

Well, that was fun. Who knew that greenhouse construction was a complete pain in the ass (well, except most nursery folk and such). But, it's done, we're excited, and you can see it unfold:

Hole Digging - using a 2-man auger, shovels, picks and gloved hands to get 2 feet down into this rocky, missoula flood soil:

Setting and Cementing the Posts
- mixing quick dry cement, then staking the greenhouse support posts:


Setting the Arcs:

Completing the Frame:

Stretching the Poly:

Installing &
Cutting the Corrugated Plastic

Hanging the Sliding Door:


Oh and Hey: Happy Birthday to Us (10.19.2007)!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tennessee's Not the state I'm In

so, greenhouses ain't so easy to construct

well, at least and for sure, digging 2 foot anchor holes in rocky NE Portland/bretz flood soils really sucks, even when you use a 2 man auger, also known as the back killer, according to reputable industry sources:
but, it was fun and exciting, there's no doubt about that. we worked all day, ate some good food per our usual wednesday routine, and were greatly energized by the late afternoon arrival of our greenhouse, and by some hands-on training provided by their driver/installer. like always, we took a lot of pictures, so we'll let them do the talking...

nice, huh? more to come...